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Welcome to Asian Dating Academy where we mentor asian men to transform their selves to their most authentic attractive self. In this academy, we train asian men, provide valuable guides and step by step training on how to date the woman of your dreams.

One of the biggest challenges in learning dating and relationships is looking to just learn lines and techniques that you think can make a woman like you. First of all, it really doesn’t work because you’re pretending to be something that you’re not. And you will sub communicate that feeling to the woman.

So if you approach it like this, then this is going to be a major challenge. Have you ever had that challenge where you get frustrated because you’ve tried some things.. And they either have worked to some degree but you haven’t really gotten the real results that you’ve wanted or you get flustered because there’s just too many things coming at you. You don’t know how to make a coherent and consistent system that works for you, that works especially in your environment and your situation and on the type of women that you want.

The Two Myths in Dating That You Need to Avoid

Myth #1 – You’re Either Born With It or You’re Not

The first myth that you need to go through is the myth that this area of socializing and dating and emotional intelligence is not something you can learn. That it’s something you’re either born with or not. This is a myth that’s shared Not just by guys who are having trouble with women, but the whole world actually still mostly persists in this myth.

They think that you’re either a loner or a natural to be social and be good with people. There are obviously some people who were born extroverted so there’s a lot of science that shows that it’s genetic whether you are introverted or extroverted. And extroverted people generally do better with people because they like being around people.

What introversion and extroversion means is really just how you draw your energy. I’m introverted by nature. I draw my energy and recharge alone. I work in tech and do web development and programming so I really like working alone. I draw my energy being alone. But I can act like an extrovert and I’m living proof of it that you can actually learn social intelligence just like any other skill. You weren’t born driving, and yet you can learn to drive. You weren’t born being able to ride the bicycle but you can learn to ride the bike. Nobody was born playing the guitar. But you can learn how to do these things.

MYTH #2 – There’s No Science to Attraction and Dating

The second myth is that there is no science to attraction and dating. And this is a very understandable misconception. I could understand why people would think that there’s no science to dating or mating or social intelligence or human emotions because it’s there is no one right answer. And there is a lot less known in science about emotions than there is about your human body. 

But our understanding of our emotional selves, of our psychology is about as sophisticated now as our understanding of the human brain. Now, let that just sink in for a bit. We know very little relatively speaking about the human brain. It is so complex with so many layers and that’s why it’s such a fascinating field of study. But along those lines, just as fascinating is how we as human beings work in our psychology and why we do things. We do not act logically despite how we think we do.

There has been a lot of research and studies now in behavioral economics, social psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, clinical psychology so it’s now proven by science. Watch our case studies to learn more about the science of attraction and how it can help you transform your life to be your most authentic attractive self.

McBilly Sy