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About Us

Behind Asian Dating Academy

Our Story

Hi there! I’m a first generation Asian American born from the Philippines. I moved here to the US back in 2010 and since moved to New York. Ever since moving here, I began to realize how hard it is to date and find a healthy enjoyable relationship especially with how the Western media portrays Asians. I found it very disturbing how Hollywood and the media stereotypes Asians as the geeky nerd with no masculinity and I want to disprove this.

I began to look for how I could change this which led to a long journey in the science behind attraction, female psychology and self improvement. I’ve since found that success and want to share it with other asian men who may be having the same issues I’ve had before.

Get in touch now and see how we can help you improve your dating and social life.

  • Fundamentals & Attraction Mindset 98%
  • Attractive Lifestyle with Fitness, Fashion & Grooming 92%
  • Social Intuition 93%
  • Communication Skills, Humor & Storytelling 98%
  • Flirting, Seduction & Creating Sexual Tension 94%
  • Creating the Perfect Enjoyable Date 98%

Science of Attraction

Understand the science on why we like another and how you can attract the women that you find attractive.

Social Intuition

Create better relationships whether it’s for dating, family or any where in your life. Master social patterns and intuitions.

Mind Blowing Dates

Create the best dates that best fit your personality and taste. Control how and where the date ends up with or to.


Healthy Relationships

Control whether you want to have an enjoyable dating lifestyle or maintain a monogamous healthy relationship.